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EU members may travel and work in the UK with no visa requirement. Citizens from the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand do not require a visa to visit the UK but are prohibited from work. Citizens from other countries require a visa which can be obtained from their nearest British Consular office. For additional information on UK immigration and visa requirements visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office web site.

All British Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates will be provided with background info on ICC2007 and will therefore be expecting applications. Unfortunately, as visas are issued at the discretion of individual immigration officers in British diplomatic missions across the world, there is no centralised facility to guarantee universal approval. However, we will endeavour to advise and assist any delegates who experience difficulty in obtaining the necessary travel permission, and we will work closely with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to minimise difficulties.

The local organising committee ICC2007 will be pleased to assist delegate visa applications through the provision of visa assistance letters to delegates who have registered for ICC2007 and have a valid ICC2007 registration number. To apply for a visa assistance letter, simply complete the on-line form with details as requested. Once these details are confirmed, an ICC2007 confirmation of attendance letter will be sent either by fax or by post to the registrant within 5 working days.

Obtaining an appropriate visa in order to attend ICC2007 is the responsibility of the individividual registrant; ICC2007 committee and IEEE/ComSoc staff are unable to conduct dialogue with consulate officials or negotiate on behalf of individual delegates. Any queries pertaining to ICC2007 visa issues should only be directed to visa-app@icc2007.org giving your registration id and paper id if available.

Visa Assistance

Requests for Visa assistance will be processed from 5th February 2007 until 11th June 2007.
Requests made after this last date will not be processed.
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