IEEE Travel Grants

Under the Travel Grant Program, the IEEE Communications Society provides a limited number of travel grants to help Society students and other members attend major ComSoc conferences. The following conferences are currently included in the Travel Grant Program: ICC, GLOBECOM, INFOCOM, WCNC, NOMS, IM, CCNC and SECON.

The ComSoc Travel Grant Program includes two types of travel grants: Student Travel Grant (STG) and Discretionary Travel Grant (DTG).

Student Travel Grants are considered only for student members applying to conferences organised outside their IEEE ComSoc home region. An applicant’s home region is defined as one of the ComSoc Regions, depending on the country wherein he/she currently resides or attends school. The following four ComSoc Regions are defined:

• North America (NA) Region - IEEE Regions 1-6 ( USA), IEEE Region 7 (Canada)

• Europe, Africa & Middle-East (EAME) Region - IEEE Region 8

• Latin America (LA) Region - IEEE Region 9

• Asia Pacific (AP) Region - IEEE Region 10

To be eligible for an ICC2007 ComSoc STG, the applicant must satisfy all of the following requirements:

• The applicant must be an author and presenter of an accepted (and registered) ICC2007 paper.

• For IEEE Comsoc travel grants, the Conference must be normally located outside applicant's home region (for ICC2007, applications will not be accepted from students in Europe).

• The applicant must be Student Member of IEEE Communications Society when submitting the application;

• The applicant must be a full-time student registered toward a Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. degree in engineering or related field in a college or university when submitting the application;

• Applicants may not receive more than one STG in any 12-month period.

The Student Travel Grant is $1,000. Recipients also receive a complimentary copy of the conference proceedings.

The closing date for ICC2007 STG applications is 28th Feb 2007.

Notifications for ICC2007 STG awards will be made after 30th March 2007.

STG Applications

A limited number of Student Travel Grants for ICC2007 are available for highly qualified individuals. The STG application and allocation processes are administered via the EDAS system.

When applying for an STG, each applicant must provide the details or one appropriate person who is willing and able to act as referee and recommend the applicant for such an award. The "recommender" will be contacted and asked to provide written support for the applicant's case; this support along with other information provided during the paper review process will be used by the STG jury to determine which individuals receive STG awards.

To apply for a Student Travel Grant, please follow the instructions listed below.

1. Log into their EDAS account on http://edas.info
2. Select tab "Travel Grants"
3. Select the student travel grant for ICC2007
4. Input your "recommender's" email address or EDAS ID
5. If appropriate, upload any required attachments.
6. Click "Apply for Grant"

Should you have any queries regarding Student Travel Grants for ICC2007 please contact travel-grant@icc2007.org giving your registration id and paper id if available.

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