Social Programme - Tuesday 26th June

OT-05: New Lanark and Rosslyn Chapel
Time: 09.30 – 17.30hrs
Cost: £54.00 per person

New LanarkRosslyn

From Glasgow you will travel through the Clyde Valley to the ancient market town of Lanark dating from the 10th Century. You'll make a visit to New Lanark, founded in 1784 as an industrial village, but more famous for the social experiments conducted by the mill manager Robert Owen.

The tour will continue through the rolling hills to Penicuik and to Rosslyn Glen to visit Rosslyn Chapel, a 15th century Medieval chapel, but made more famous in recent years by Dan Brown's novel the Da Vinci Code. The chapel was founded in 1446 and has over the years been associated with the Masons and Knights Templar and the legends of the Holy Grail.

Conference Banquet
Time: 19.30 – 23.00hrs Cost: £90.00 per person -SOLD OUT
Venue: Kelvingrove Art Gallery


The highlight of the conference, the Conference Banquet will take place in the Kelvingrove Museum. Kelvingrove first opened its doors to the public on 2 May 1901 and is world renowned for the quality of its international art collection which includes Impressionists and Italian and Dutch Renaissance paintings. Without question the Art Gallery houses one of Scotland's finest civic Art collections.

The ever changing contemporary exhibitions compete for your attention with the dinosaurs, suits of armour, frightening weaponry and treasures from throughout the world.

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