Nikesh Arora


Nikesh Arora

(EMEA Operations) Google

Nikesh Arora is Google’s Vice President of Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Nikesh is responsible for Google’s business across 25 offices in EMEA and is managing, scaling and building a team of over 2000 people. He is developing and deploying Google's products and marketing strategies in these markets and is working with advertisers to help them target and engage with consumers on the internet.

Nikesh’s role also involves working with media companies, telecom companies, publishers cable/broadcast companies to develop strategies to partner with on products and services on the web. He is the spokesperson for Google EMEA for all PR matters and frequently speaks at major events in the UK and internationally.

Nikesh joined Google in December 2004 from T-Mobile, where he was the CMO and member of the Management Board.

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