sean connery

I am delighted that the prestigious International Conference on Communications is being held in Glasgow in this very special year –‘007. The IEEE is to be commended for its choice. The Theme of the Conference – Smart Communications Technologies for Tomorrow –SCOTT – is particularly apt and pertinent in the light of technological innovations and the rapid advances in communications media and systems.      

Communications and information increasingly form the lifeblood of all industrial, commercial and social activity, and in this context ICC-007 offers an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest developments and to share experiences that will benefit all delegates. With the major growth in the communications industry and infrastructure in Scotland, and indeed worldwide, the Conference is an opportune occasion to review progress and to chart future directions.

I am pleased to learn that the Technical Programme includes over 1000 papers from some 60 countries, reflecting the truly international nature of the event, and the worldwide interest in the subject. I am delighted that some of the world’s leading industrialists will be attending the Conference and presenting their vision of the future at the CEO Forum.

Glasgow’s international links and long history of international trade and connections, coupled with its cosmopolitan ambience, make it a most appropriate venue for such an event. With its vast array of hotels and restaurants it offers a thoroughly enjoyable experience to visitors, and as the gateway to the Highlands, it presents immense opportunities to visit other parts of Scotland.

I hope that in addition to the technical interactions, delegates will take the time to have a holiday and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Glasgow, and take in the beautiful scenery, the serene beauty and the panoramic landscape of the Scottish countryside.

With all best wishes for a memorable Conference and an enjoyable stay in Scotland.

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